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本文摘要:Apple released iOS 7.1 Monday, the first significant update to the mobile operating system it debuted on Sept. 18, offering some incremental feature improvements and fixing some bugs that annoyed iPhone and iPad users.苹果公司(Apple)周一公布了iOS 7.1操作系统,这是去


Apple released iOS 7.1 Monday, the first significant update to the mobile operating system it debuted on Sept. 18, offering some incremental feature improvements and fixing some bugs that annoyed iPhone and iPad users.苹果公司(Apple)周一公布了iOS 7.1操作系统,这是去年9月18日移动操作系统iOS 7公布以来第一次根本性改版。近期版本展开了一些功能改良并修缮了一些后遗症iPhone和iPad用户的错误。Apples iOS 7 was a major departure from previous versions of its mobile operating system, bringing a simpler and cleaner look to the software. The new update builds on some of the new designs concepts, while also allowing users to disable some of the new features that had drawn criticism such as the softwares parallax and zoom functions.苹果的iOS 7与过去的iOS版本明显有所不同,界面更加简练。近期的iOS 7.1版本创建在一些新的设计理念基础上,并容许用户重开之前受到抨击的一些新功能,例如视差和图形功能。

The update is available from today. Apple will be pushing it out to users over the next few days, but users can go get the new version by going to Settings-General - Software Update.iOS 7.1周一早已对外开放iTunes。苹果将在未来几天向用户启动时改版通报。iOS用户也可以到“设置”--“标准化”--“软件改版”展开升级。Here are a few notable features of iOS 7.1 worth checking out:以下是值得一提的iOS 7.1新的特色:More Stable更加平稳The new update promises to be more stable, fixing some of the bugs that caused the iPhone and iPad to randomly crash and reboot--an annoyance dubbed the white screen of death. This was the biggest complaint of iOS 7 users.iOS 7.1更为平稳,修缮了一些有可能有时候造成iPhone和iPad主屏幕瓦解并重新启动(即“白屏死机”)的错误。

这是iOS 7用户责怪最少的一个问题。Improved Touch ID改良了Touch ID指纹识别能力One of the flagship features of Apples iPhone 5S, which debuted running iOS 7, is the fingerprint sensor. The performance of Touch ID has been spotty for some users and a source of frustration. The update aims to address that by improving how the Touch ID adapts over time. Some users had complained that the performance of Touch ID seemed to fade over time. Apple promises that the update will make Touch ID work faster.iPhone 5S一上市之后配备着iOS 7系统,旗舰功能之一就是指纹传感器Touch ID。但一些用户找到该功能不会显得不灵敏,这让他们深感失望。


iOS 7.1改良了Touch ID指纹识别能力,目的解决问题这一问题。此前一些用户责怪说道,随着时间的流逝,Touch ID不会越用就越不灵敏。苹果允诺iOS 7.1不会让Touch ID显得更为灵敏。

More Ive-ification of the software界面设计更加“艾夫化”The new look of iOS 7 reflects the sensibilities of Apples design head, Jonathan Ive, who oversaw the softwares revamp. In the update, there are more design changes. For example, the green and red icons for answering or declining a phone call are now round instead of square. There are also more colors and greater color contrast to help icons stand out more against the softwares translucent background.iOS 7的新界面体现了苹果设计总监乔纳森艾夫(Jonathan Ive)的感受力。而iOS 7.1在设计上也有了更加多的变化。例如,电话电话的界面中,接收者或拒绝接受电话的红色和绿色图标仍然是方形的,而是圆形的。

在界面色彩方面,新的系统使用了更好颜色以及更加反感的色彩对比,使图标在iOS 7.1半透明的背景下变得愈发引人注目。Auto-HDR照相机设置中追加自动落成iPhone 5s的HDR功能Apple has included high dynamic range, or HDR, in its mobile software for years, but we may see more people using it. HDR promises to create a better-lit image because it blends the exposure data from three different images--although it can cause a blurry picture if the photographer moves too quickly after taking the photo.iOS系统几年前就早已重新加入了高动态范围图像技术(HDR)功能,此次iOS 7.1在照相机设置中追加自动落成iPhone 5s的HDR功能后,可能会有更加多用户用于它。落成HDR功能可以拍电影出有光照更佳的照片,因为此时互为机会摄制3张有所不同曝光程度的照片,然后将它们制备为一张照片。

不过如果拍摄者在按下对焦后太快卡住设备,可能会造成照片模糊不清。CarPlayCarPlayOne of the most interesting new features of the update is something that well have to wait to use. The latest software is compatible with CarPlay, Apples new initiative to bring iPhone features such as maps, music and messages to the in-car display. However, no cars currently on the market work with CarPlay. Apple has said CarPlay will be available in certain cars later this year from Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Honda and Hyundai, with additional car makers following in the years to come.CarPlay是iOS 7.1系统最有意思的新功能之一,但用户们还必须再行等等。iOS 7.1相容了CarPlay,这是苹果设计的新车载操作系统。驾车者将iPhone与车载系统CarPlay的显示器相连后,才可用于iPhone的地图导航系统、听音乐以及信息采访功能。

不过目前市面上还没汽车配备CarPlay。苹果已回应,今年晚些时候,法拉利(Ferrari)、梅赛德斯-飞驰(Mercedes-Benz)、沃尔沃(Volvo)、本田汽车(Honda)和现代汽车(Hyundai)的部分车型将配备CarPlay,未来几年还将有其他汽车品牌第一时间。Other improvements include making iOS 7 faster for iPhone 4 users, a new bold font option for the keyboard, a month-at-a-glance view in the calendar and new voices for Siri in British and Australian English, Mandarin and Japanese.其他改良还包括:强化了iPhone 4的新能;键盘、计算器及许多图标的字形可以自由选择用于斜体字;日历可以自由选择按月表明事件;Siri针对中文普通话、英式英语、澳大利亚英语和日语版本,发售了全新的更加大自然的男声和女声。